Gillian Owens
Gillian Owens
New Salem, Massachusetts
Birth date
October 31, 1974
Owens' Family
Notable powers
Portrayed by
Nicole Kidman

Gillian Owens is a beautiful and care-free young woman who was excessively fascinated by the forces of her witchcraft. Gillian was well-known for her beautifully long red hair and ocean blue eyes that are often marked with dark eyeliner. Despite her seemingly innocent and kind persona, Gillian was a very eccentric and free-spirited young woman who possessed a rebellious streak within her.


Gillian Owens was born in northern California on october 31 1974. After the untimely death of her parents, Gillian and her older sister, Sally, were adopted by their eccentric and free-spirited aunts, Bridget and Francis Owens and relocated to the picturesque Maria's island. Their aunts raise without discipline or rules, allowing them to drink soda for breakfast and candy for dinner. However, after the girls stumble upon a mysterious book of spells, the aunts explain to the girls that they are all descended from a long and powerful line of witches. Initially the girls refuse to believe their aunts, until they begin teaching them how to unlock their magical power. 

Gillian's talents lie in charm and persuasion, while her sister Sally is more gifted in witchcraft. After witnessing her aunts cast a spell for a woman obsessed with having a specific man's love, Gillian is titillated at the idea of falling in love. Years later Gillian makes a blood-oath to Sally promising to return, and leaves for Los Angeles.